Serving San Diego and Orange County
Serving San Diego and Orange County

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is a Shooting Social?

A:  It is an introduction to shooting with a group of people who already have a realtionship with one another via work, church groups, or other common interests. 


Q:  Can I participate in a Shooting Social?

A:  Maybe.  These events are by invite only but we evaluate requests from individuals to participate on a case-by-case basis.  Generally speaking you need to KNOW somebody who is already participating and have them invite you as their guest.  If you are not legally permitted to pocess a firearm (eg felony conviction) you may not participate in these events. 


Q:  What is the Mentoring Process?

A:  Mentors are the volunteers who work with you, one-on-one, during these events.  They come from all backgrounds.  At the very least they are experienced shooters who will show you how to shoot their personal firearm(s). 


Q:  Can I bring my own firearm to an event?

A:  Yes, but please follow all local laws regarding the transport of firearms.  Firearms should be brought to the range in a locked container, unloaded, and separate from ammunition. 


Q:  Do I need to have experience shooting?

A:  No.  Most of our participants have never shot a gun.  Those with experience have always said they picked up some great tips from our Mentors. 


Q:  Is this a for-profit business?

A:  No. this is more of a club than a businss, not that we have a problem with businesses making profit.  We are much more interested in friend-raising rather than fund-raising. 


Q:  What is the charity stuff about? 

A:  We are looking to demonstrate that the vast majority of gun owners are good friends and neighbors.  Part of being a good neighbor is supporting those in need.  Since we are able to offer Shooting Socials VERY CHEAP, we ask participants to consider making a small donation that we give to San Diego based charities. 


Q:  Can I bring my minor children to a Shooting Social?

A:  Yes.  The minimum age is generally 9 years-old.  Different ranges have different age and height requirements.  This question is best answered on a case by case basis. 


Q:  What do I need to bring with me to a Shooting Social?

A:  Aside from closed heel and toe shoes (eg tennis shoes), there are no other requirements.  We do suggest bringing a baseball cap.  We also suggest avoiding shirts with low neck lines. 


Q:  What do I get for the baseline price?

A:  Short of your personal dress, everything you need for these events.  Also see our About Us page


Q:  What is the refund policy?

A:  Refunds are permitted up until 7 days prior to an event.  After that refunds are only made if we are able to fill your spot with another paid participant.


Q:  What is the Small Group Shooting Social?

A:  The Small Group Shooting Social is exactly that, a smaller more intimate group.  These events not only utilize our mentoring system, but also professional firearms instructors.  These events are hosted at GlockStore San Diego whose range allows for shooting drills that enable more than simply lane shooting.  As a result, for multiple drills, there is only one shooter at a time.  As a result, we keep the groups smaller to minimize down time.  


Q:  What is the Tactical Shooting Social?

A:  This event takes the skills developed at our regular Shooting Social and builds upon them via drills to address multiple targerts for time and accuracy.  In addition, there are movement/situational awareness drills such as "house clearing exercises" designed to simulate home defense training.  Proficiency in the basic Shooting Social is a prerequisite for this class.  Though not required, participants in this event often own their own firearms, holsters and accessories.   



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