Serving San Diego and Orange County
Serving San Diego and Orange County

About Us

We are a volunteer group of diverse people who actively work to positively impact the shooting sport community.  As a volunteer group we are able to introduce you to this sport for as little as $50/person.  If you tried to duplicate our efforts, it would cost you closer to $170/person.  


Here is what we offer:


1.  One-on-one mentoring               

2.  Classroom rental

3.  Range rental for 2 hours               

4.  A gun(s) to shoot                          

5.  Ammunition                                    

6.  A target to shoot

7.  Eye protection

8.  Hearing protection

9.  Shooting demonstrations


In providing our participants with an exceptional value, we ask you to consider paying a little extra to support our philanthropic endeavors in your community.


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